My mother has been residing at Terrace View for nearly twelve years!! She is the longest resident to date and though she has a debilitating disease and cannot do anything for herself any longer, I can wholeheartedly state that had she not been in Terrace View she would not be alive today!I have watched the place go from good to phenomenal primarily due to the former Administrator Brendan Dahl. It has been a beautiful transformation and all the staff are kind and caring!! The Social Worker, Laura, works tirelessly to do everything to ensure the residents needs are met. Sally, the previous Director of Nursing to Jessica who was recently promoted from receptionist and the wonderful nurses, my mother’s doctor, Dr. Houshar and CNA’s have truly made the difference in my mother and our families life! MAJOR THANKS TO YOU ALL and EVERYTHING YOU DO!!

Joya F

My grandmother spent some time in this facility and was treated like family by the staff and nurses alike. I experienced nothing but the utmost customer service every time we were in visit her and she only had positive things to say about her stay here. The facility hosted a luau while she was there and she had a great time getting outside, watching the hula dancers, mingling and taking photos with the other guests and staff. Terrace View is a great, 5-star facility that provides fabulous care for your loved ones. I wouldn’t recommend any other facility for your friends or family based on my experience there and compared to our experiences with other facilities.

Caroline L

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Great healthcare facility! I had a family member stay for a few weeks and my family and I were at ease because we knew my family member was in great hands. The staff is great with the patients and residents, especially the nurses. I’m very impressed that the staff took the time to listen to our concerns and did their best to reassure us they were going to do the best they can. They did an exceptional job helping my family and I. Rehab staff, especially physical therapy, are top notch!


I was so happy with the care my father received here, they were always so kind to him and were prompt when he used the call button when he needed assistance getting to the restroom. I could leave him when I had to go home and not worry about what kind of care he’d be getting. The aides, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, just everybody was fantastic and seemed to really care about the patients. I never saw anybody on this staff be anything but caring and gentle with every single patient here, and I was here a lot and had multiple opportunities to observe the staff in action. Isn’t that the kind of place that is almost impossible to find in this day and age? We tried another place one time and I took him out the very same day. You can absolutely trust that your loved one will be well taken care of here. Everybody actually came and hugged him goodbye as we were leaving and that gesture really touched my heart, and his as well! You won’t find a finer facility than this one believe me, cause I’m really picky about who I trust my father with, and these guys renewed my faith in these types of facilities especially after our bad experience. I just want to make sure they know their efforts didn’t go unnoticed! My father also said the food was great: except the beans he won’t eat them! Thank you Terrace View Care Center for everything you did to try and make my father’s stay a comfortable one, you’ll never know just how much that really meant to us, his family, and of course most importantly him!


My mother has been here 4 times in the last 2 years. I wouldn’t have her be at any other place. The people here are extremely caring. The therapists are incredible. My mom had a stroke a year ago and she is 95% recovered. I believe it is due to the great care that she received from everyone here, from the cleaning crew all the way to the top. Everyone knew her by name and when I go to visit other people they all ask about her. I recommend Terrace View to anyone who needs to have rehabilitation in order to gain back their strength.

Christie R

My mom had a fall at her board and care that resulted in her needing short-term rehab to help her steady her gait. We chose Terrace View because of their 5-star rating on and because of doctor recommendation. My mom was a resident at Terrace View for about a month. In that month they provided therapy to help strengthen her body so she would have lower risk of falls. The entire staff was friendly and treated my mom as if she were their own family member. The admissions staff was very helpful in getting my mother in the building and helping us with knowing what to expect. The nursing staff was very attentive and caring with all of her needs. The rehab staff made sure she was working to her full potential and made it so that she could continue to live at her board and care facility. They made therapy fun for my mother. My mom is a fairly antisocial person who keeps to herself, but the activities at this facility made sure she interacted with other patients and had a great time. The social worker helped us to make sure my mom discharged in time and we got her back to the board and care before she lost her place. Thank you to Terrace View for all they did for my mom I am so grateful for the care they provided my mom!

Jerome G

My mother has been a resident of Terrace View for over five years. The staff treat all of us as if we are family. They are quick to catch medical conditions and have them treated. Unlike many nursing homes Terrace View has quite a few long-term staff who have worked here all the years my mother has lived here, which is quite comforting for the long-term residents. Every effort has been made for her comfort while she has lived here. The facility goes out of their way to make family members comfortable and welcome, including the annual luau, formal Thanksgiving dinner, Dickens carolers, Halloween night, 4th of July bar-b- que, and much more

Sonja S

Its a whole different story when you need help for your own mother. I “thought” I knew what was needed but, discovered that I needed guidance on parts of the rehab process. I own and operate a business that helps seniors and their family find options/money for their loved ones. That means when MY mother was needing to reside in a facility after her hip replacement I called on the knowledge and views of seasoned professionals in the know. Many families do not know that they have the choice to request their desired location for the most important part after surgery. The top recommendation over and over was Terrace View. My mother’s stay was above and beyond the call of duty. I have known the administrator for years. He is known in the industry as a perfectionist. The director of Nursing makes sure that every person is detailed and able to carry out tasks efficiently. Don’t let the youthful appearance of the Community Relations Directors fool you. They are very knowledgeable. They are happy to use email/phone/fax to keep things moving along. We had the luxury of visiting my mother multiple times a day and I saw everything. Family is welcome with open arms. My mother got to experience multiple visits by her grandchildren who were delighted with the hot chocolate machine in the lobby and a patio to have pizza with their grandmother. My mother’s caregivers were caring, gentle, and so soothing to my mother when she was in pain. The nights were hard because of the pain and her night caregivers comforted her and took care of every request when she was uncomfortable. I NEVER saw my mother wait for extended time for her pain medications or help to the restroom. The caregivers use technology to pass messages on headsets to request help when needed. Don’t forget to check in with the Director of Services Services who is seasoned on care options in the community. I cannot recommend Terrace View enough. When my clients ask for a suggestion, I tell them that the best doctor is Dr. Mayo in Placentia and Terrace View is the only place you would want to partner with when you need a place for your loved one after their surgery or recuperation.


Just checked my mother-in-law last night for rehab following a total knee replacement.
Very clean place and smiling, friendly staff. The intake nurses are very thorough and know their stuff, and I am more critical than most because I am an RN. Even though we did not arrive until about 8 pm, the place was bustling with activity, cleaning, serving snacks, and caring for patients. I can’t comment on the rehab yet, but will do an update in a couple weeks. First impressions are very good!


My mother was in this facility for rehabilitation after she broke her hip. The care was outstanding in every way. The care center was clean and pleasant. The staff was friendly and took excellent care of my mother. Everyone from the housekeeping staff to the therapists to the nurses were wonderful. I would receive calls on a regular basis regarding any change in my mother’s care plan or medication. I can’t recommend Terrace View enough!

Catherine. W