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About Us

Our Team

Brenden Dahl (Administrator)

Brenden Dahl

Grace Chavez (director of Nursing)
Grace Chavez, RN

Director of Nursing 

Marco Russo (Director of Rehab)
Marco Russo

Director of Rehabilitation

Laura Valenzuela (Director of Social Services)

Laura Valenzuela

Director of Social Services

Abigaill Duarte (Dietary Supervisor)
Abigaill Duarte

Dietary Services Supervisor

Molly Cabrera(Admissions Coordinator)
Molly Cabrera

Admissions Coordinator

Bulan Sianturi-Fein( Activites Director)
Bulan Sianturi-Fein
Activites Director
Ji Hui Kim (MDS, RN)
Ji Hui Kim
Joanna Dalton (Community Relations)

Joanna Dalton

Community Relations

Juana Orozco (Administrator Assistant)
Juana Orozco
Administrator Assistant
Laura Gonzales (Business Office Manager)
Laura Gonzales
Business Office Manager