A Green Space is a Happy Space

We know being around plants calm and soothe us, but did you know that they may also improve an older person’s mental well-being?

Dance for a Healthier Brain

We all know exercise is good for you, but did you know that dancing has its benefits too?

Ada's 100th Birthday

At Terrace View Care Center, we truly believe that birthdays are a special celebration. Recently, we celebrated our resident, Ada Strangman’s 100th birthday.

Make Your Home Safe

If there is anything that life has taught us, it’s that emergencies can and will happen. We highly encourage you to read these tips to prevent senior falls and accidents in your home.

Terrace View is One of America's Best Skilled Nursing Facilities

Congratulations to Terrace View Care Center, recognized as one of America's Best Nursing Homes! 

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