Nursing Services

We have an experienced and qualified staff of licensed nurses on duty around the clock, seven days a week. Our Medical Director is on call 24 hours a day for any emergencies.

At our facility, you have the right to choose your own doctor, be fully informed of your medical condition, and participate in planning your own treatment by having residents and family members attend care plan meetings. These care plan meetings are scheduled approximately fourteen days after admission and quarterly thereafter. Physicians are required to visit their residents at least every thirty days. All nursing care and services are provided under the direction of the attending physician.

Skilled Nursing Services:

  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • IV Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Pharmacy, Lab, and X-ray Services
  • Podiatry, Optometry, Dental, and Auditory Services
  • Psychiatry and Psychological Services
  • Enteral Services
  • Nursing Rehabilitation
  • Hospice Care